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Energy Audits

Our energy audits:

  • provide information to help our customers understand the energy use characteristics of their facility; and
  • identify solutions for improved lighting efficiency, reduced operational costs and a lower carbon footprint.

BG&E & PEPCO Trade Ally: Utility Company Energy Savings Programs

Businesses across the Washington DC metro area are eligible to receive generous cash incentives to increase their energy efficiency. ADMT is a Trade Ally partner of BG&E and of PEPCO. Contact us TODAY to learn how to receive rebates to upgrade your equipment and reduce your energy costs.

Product Sourcing

Working with our partners we provide the lighting and energy solutions that meet our customers’ needs and budget. ADMT procures and installs lighting and lighting control products, wind turbines and solar systems. Our clients are interested in high-quality products and prepared to make an investment with expected ROIs of 1-5 years.

Project Management

We manage and oversee the entire process of retro-fitting our customers’ facilities to achieve improved lighting efficiency and reduced operational costs. Our satisfied clients include: food sales/food service, health care, laboratory, nursing, office, religious worship, retail (other than mall), service, and warehouse and storage establishments.

Design Services:

We provide custom-designed solutions for retrofit of existing lighting fixtures, solar lighting, and wind and solar (PV) renewable energy.

Our Customers:

  • Target customers have high-lighting energy consumption and inefficient/outdated lighting systems. They include the following establishments:

education, food sales/service, health care, laboratory, lodging, nursing, office, retail, parking lots/garages, public assembly, religion worship, warehouse and storage

Businesses and residences in remote areas, particularly in developing countries, without access to the electric grid and those located in countries where the energy cost is over US$0.25 per kilowatt-hour (kwh).